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Posted by: admin Posted on: August 24, 2017

Why destination weddings are done at a single location over a period of two to three days triumph over a short banquet wedding. 

  1. Costs less than Banquet weddings: Contrary to what you might believe a destination wedding outside the city like at resorts near Mumbai and Pune cost less than having a Banquet wedding at a premium hotel in Mumbai. This occurs cause you end up inviting only the most important people in the family and circle and tend to filter out the unwanted ones.
  2. Triple the Fun: At a destination wedding, you have all your relatives, friends and close ones together for the whole time enjoying all the activities you do like Sangeet party, Haldi ceremony, Dance performance, DJ party, Pool Party etc. You cannot have all this fun when you get married in some hotel banquet hall cause you simply don’t have enough time. It’s very hard to spare even 5 minutes talking to each guest let alone enjoying activities with them.
  3. Make it and Memorable experience than just an event: Destination weddings hosted at wedding resorts near Mumbai and Pune can be planned impeccably. There are loads and loads of activities you can arrange and make the baraatis do.A brief list is given below,         Sangeet party, Haldi Ceremony, DJ Party, Pool Party, Cricket Match, Dance Competition, Adventure Games, rain Dance Party etc.

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