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There is a lot of suspense as to how a Perfect Wedding execution is done by us at our resort. It also tells you how you can really go about it planning your event to a Successful outcome.

Here are a few basic steps to a perfect event,

STEP 1 : Understand Your Requirement.

Our Team (Mostly me along-with a colleague) Come and Meet You At Your Home or Office wherever its suitable for you and Understands Your Needs and Requirements In Detail. Then Suggestions are given based on your Budget and Needs

STEP 2 : Visit The Resort.

As long as you have not seen the location with your eyes,we are all just guessing things. After We have taken your Requirement,We meet at our Resort where we show you the various Things which we can Do for you at your wedding.This helps you to Understand how your event is going to Unfold and Get a basic idea of the whole Planning Process.

STEP 3 : Concept & Budget Presentation.

Once you have get a Basic Idea of the type of Event we are going to arrange,Then we present to you the whole Concept and Offer A Detailed Costing of the whole Event.We take your Feedback and the Whole Event Is Finalized.

STEP 4 : Project Execution:

Once everything is finalised,Our Team Gets Set in the Mood To Execute The Project In Full Swing.All the necessary Arrangements are done,Bookings made,Vendors Finalised in co-ordination with the Plan and Vision Of The Event.

STEP 5 : Event Super Hit !

Efficient Communication, Perfect Execution lets us arrange your Event as Planned on paper enabling us to make your event a Super Hit success.

Having a Strong Knowledgeable team by your side is a Advantage and worth it.

It relieves you and your Family Members of the Headache and hassles of worrying about so many things and lets you focus of taking good care of your guests and enjoy the event!


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New ideas are often met with a ‘WHY’ or “WHAT” and shot down as unnecessary.
Destination Weddings in INDIA are still an affair for the Elite.
Most of us still think that Destination wedding will be Expensive,Messy and hard to arrange.Why to carry on a wedding for days together, it’s not for us!
Add to that the tension of staying throughout an elaborate wedding for 2 to 3 days and you’ve had it.
The truth (In my opinion) is that Destination weddings can be one of the most memorable events in your life (and your relatives) than any other function on earth.
Firstly you get to have fun for ample amount of time with your relatives than a conventional wedding in a Banquet Hall.(Even though you end up paying a Boatload Of Money For That!)
How much ever glamorous your Banquet Hall is…It’s still a freaking Hall with 4 walls.
And how much time are you going to spend with your relatives…A Few Minutes…Smiling and taking a pic.
Now Image your wedding at My Resort or for that matter any other location.
The Time and Place alone gets you and your relatives in a different Mood. Just count the things we arrange for you to have fun..Sangeet party..Activities..Games..Pool Parties..Boozer Nights..DJ parties..and yes the required Pheras and Vidhi in a Different style.
Your wedding is transformed into an Experience not for you but for all your relatives and guests as well.
Thats’s what I call A Real Destination Wedding.
Rafting,Rock Climbing , Kayaking and what not…! Everybody keeps talking for months after attending your wedding because it’s not any other Wedding..
It’s Your Destination Wedding loaded with so many activities together that it becomes an Movie in the process.
I mean you can always choose to do nothing and lay like a dead loaf of bread in my pool..But just incase you are like those aggressive types. 🙂
Gone are the days when you had to settle for a 4 Hour only Banquet wedding (where You get to eat last when all are gone)
Destination Weddings are Kamath Wedding Resort is the new In Thing!

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Why destination weddings are done at a single location over a period of two to three days triumph over a short banquet wedding. 

  1. Costs less than Banquet weddings: Contrary to what you might believe a destination wedding outside the city like at resorts near Mumbai and Pune cost less than having a Banquet wedding at a premium hotel in Mumbai. This occurs cause you end up inviting only the most important people in the family and circle and tend to filter out the unwanted ones.
  2. Triple the Fun: At a destination wedding, you have all your relatives, friends and close ones together for the whole time enjoying all the activities you do like Sangeet party, Haldi ceremony, Dance performance, DJ party, Pool Party etc. You cannot have all this fun when you get married in some hotel banquet hall cause you simply don’t have enough time. It’s very hard to spare even 5 minutes talking to each guest let alone enjoying activities with them.
  3. Make it and Memorable experience than just an event: Destination weddings hosted at wedding resorts near Mumbai and Pune can be planned impeccably. There are loads and loads of activities you can arrange and make the baraatis do.A brief list is given below,         Sangeet party, Haldi Ceremony, DJ Party, Pool Party, Cricket Match, Dance Competition, Adventure Games, rain Dance Party etc.

Plan Your Destination Wedding At Kamath Wedding Resort Located Near Mumbai and Pune. call 09004672330 now and get more Info.


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